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​Opthalmic Testing Equipment​

​SMI: Surface Measurement Instrument

Redefining speed and accuracy in non-contact metrology, the Optikos SMI is a high-speed surface topography instrument that characterizes spherical, toric, and aspheric surfaces. The SMI measures surface shape deviations of precision surfaces using wavefront analysis technology. Configured to measure such items as: micro-optics, ball lenses, and contact lens molds, the instrument allows users to easily measure aspheric and toric parts without the need for reference surfaces.​

      SMI-5K-e1423516652635.jpg                Surface Measurement Intstrument​​

From optics to metal tooling, the SMI measures radius of curvature, toric radii and axis, conic constant and surface irregularities. Full surface maps reveal shape errors to within fractions of a micron. The SMI compares the wavefront reflected from the surface to that expected from a perfect sphere. The surface deviation is expressed in the form of characteristic circular functions called the Zernike polynomials. Within seconds, the SMI can measure shape departures better than 0.1 μm and radius better than 3 μm.​

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Opthalmic Testing Equipment