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Optikos maintains in-house, state-of-the-art, full service optical testing laboratories and offers the most comprehensive modulation transfer function lens testing and imaging sensor testing services to be found anywhere.  All of our metrology products are available for contract metrology work, allowing comprehensive testing of both components and complete imaging systems.

Lens and Optical Testing

  • Image Quality (MTF), First Order Properties (Focal Length, Etc)
  • Lens Performance vs. Design Predictions
  • Automated Routines for Volume Lens Testing
  • Calibrated and Traceable Results
  • Radiometric and Photometric Measurements

Imager and Camera Testing

  • Sensor Performance (MTF, Resolution, Etc)
  • Sensor Characteristics (NEP, NETD, MTRD, MRC, NPS, SiTF, 3D Noise, Etc)

We act as an extension of your QC department

For further information on Testing Services please follow the link to the Optikos site:

Testing Services