Lens Testing Equipment

OpTest® and LensCheck™ Measurement Systems for Small to Large Optics

Whatever You Design, You Can Measure.
Our flagship lens testing products include the OpTest® Lens Measurement System – with a complete range of hardware options, as well as the LensCheck Instrument – a compact version for smaller lenses that is portable and easy-to-use.

Camera Testing Equipment

Production and Comprehensive Camera Testing for any Application

We have two camera testing systems covering nearly any application. Whether you are testing general purpose or small pupil camera systems, we have the testing solution to fit your requirements.

Ophthalmic Testing Equipment

Our SMI System is Purposefully Designed to Measure Surface Topography

Redefining speed and accuracy in non-contact metrology, the Optikos SMI is a high-speed surface topography instrument that characterizes spherical, toric, and aspheric surfaces. Configured to measure such items as: micro-optics, ball lenses, and contact lens molds, the instrument allows users to easily measure aspheric and toric parts without the need for reference surfaces.

IQ Lab™ Services

Have Your Optics Tested by the Experts

Optikos® testing and image quality services are provided through our optical metrology lab and offer the most comprehensive modulation transfer function (MTF) lens testing and imaging sensor testing, as well as non-imaging measurements and optical element information available–all in one location.