Raw Material / Moulded glass blanks


We currently have over 65 tonnes of material in stock which includes Schott, Ohara, CDGM, Fused Silica, Filter Glassand Pilkingtons.

Each piece of glass in our stores department is recorded on our computer system with its own unique barcode, glass type, weight, melt number, length, width, thickness, manufacturer, ND and VD recorded. The barcode number is issued to an order allowing full traceability.

In our moulding shop we currently have 2 furnaces, 7 annealing kilns and hundreds of on stock moulding tooling.

The moulding process uses approximately 2/3 less material than cutting discs from slab glass. It is more efficient and cost effective for high value glass types.

Delivery for moulded lenses starts from 10 days to 3 weeks dependent on material availability.

Contact us at: sales@heppellphotonics.com