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Camera Testing Equipment

Production and Comprehensive Camera Testing for any Application

We have two camera testing systems Meridian & iSite covering nearly any application. Whether you are testing general purpose or small pupil camera systems, we have the testing solution to fit your requirements.

Meridian® Camera Testing

The Meridian family of high-speed optical test equipment is capable of qualifying the alignment and focus of a lens to a camera in just a single snapped frame.  This requirement necessarily means that all pertinent field points within the image must be presented to the unit under test simultaneously.   Some camera manufacturers will make use of large printed test charts for this purpose, but this approach can consume considerable space, is unsuited to presenting targets at infinity, and is difficult to incorporate in a modular test cell configuration.

Optikos has developed and deployed the Meridian suite of products in answer to this need. We first developed the Meridian Starfield product line in which high volume testing requirements are answered by illuminating multiple field points simultaneously and assessing imaging performance in just a single video frame. Then followed the introduction of our Focusing Target Projector (FTP) suite, in which apparent object distances of reference targets are set on demand.  The newest member of this growing family is the Meridian FLEX—a  highly configurable testing platform that not only answers the testing challenges that our customers face right now, but is also designed to address many they have yet to encounter.

We’re excited to introduce this new category of camera testing equipment that is changing the way engineers and production managers solve testing, characterizing, and quality control requirements. The Meridian product line was created and evolved because we listen to our customers, and it will continue to grow for the same reason.  If you have testing needs that we can help with, we’d love to hear from you.  It’s possible that we can conceive of a new module to solve your particular problem, and it’s quite possible that we’re already working on it.  Optical testing is our core competence. We’ve been doing it for over 35 years.  Talk to us today to learn more.

Meridian® FLEX


Meridian® Target Projectors


Meridian® Starfield


Meridian® Mosaic


I-SITE Integrated Systems for Imager Test and Evaluations

The Optikos advanced software measurement package is the heart of its electro-optical testing system. The I-SITE™ system is the most flexible test suite commercially available, testing discrete components through complete systems. The I-SITE™ system is designed to provide measurements at multiple points in the signal processing chain for many types of electro-optical systems. I-SITE™ software can be expanded to accommodate new measurements and can be upgraded to incorporate additional modules as the user’s system requirements change.

The I-SITE™ software package is designed specifically for connecting the Optikos source units, positioning equipment, and other measurement devices to Windows NT compatible systems. With appropriate hardware, I-SITE™ software can capture data directly from optical images or video signals to make a range of important measurements on almost any electrooptical system. There are standard I-SITE™ configurations for testing thermal imagers, CCD cameras, displays, image intensifiers, and array detectors.

Actual measurements performed depend upon the physical measurement device used. There are many options that may be employed; thus there is no single I-SITE™ setup. Sources, detectors, and intermediate optics may all be configured to your requirements, and several different analysis options are offered.


I-SITE™ systems support the following electro-optical measurements:

  • Line Spread Function (LSF)

  • Modulation Transfer Function (MTF)

  • Signal Transfer Function (SiTF)

  • Noise Power Spectrum (NPS)

  • Root Mean Square Noise (RMS)

  • Noise Equivalent Luminance (NEL)

  • Minimum Resolvable Contrast (MRC)

  • Minimum Detectable Contrast (MDC)

For Infrared Systems:

  • Noise Equivalent Temperature Difference (NETD)

  • Noise Equivalent Radiance (NER)

  • Minimum Resolvable Temperature Difference (MRTD)

  • Minimum Detectable Temperature Difference (MDTD)

  • 3D Noise

  • Line Spread Function (LSF)

  • Modulation Transfer Function (MTF)

  • Signal Transfer Function (SiTF)

  • Noise Power Spectrum (NPS)

  • Root Mean Square Noise (RMS)

  • Detector Detectivity (D*)

  • Bolt Down Boresighting

  • Multiple FOV Boresighting

  • 1D-2D Non-uniformity

  • Jitter

  • Narcissus

  • Field of View (FOV)

  • FOV Change

  • Thermal Imager Multiple FOV Switching Time

  • Range Performance

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