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Engineering Services

Along with its standard-setting line of products for optical testing, measurement, and evaluation, Optikos has built a worldwide reputation for the ways in which it continually enables leading design, development, consumer, and industrial product firms to solve their optical problems and bring their ideas and concepts to reality.

Over the last 30 years, Optikos has worked with hundreds of clients to help develop optically based products ranging from consumer products such as cameras, telescopes, binoculars, night vision products to medical devices and sophisticated electro-optical test systems. Our creativity and innovative optical design have been acknowledged with the awarding of over 70 US patents covering a broad range of optical technology and products. Whether you turn to us for individual services or complete systems development, our engineers will work to develop your ideas or solve your problems on schedule and within budget.

Our optical engineering services are available for the designs of:

  • Optical Testing Methods

  • Image Characterization

  • Lens Design & Analysis

  • Electro-optical Systems

  • Medical Instruments

  • Consumer Imaging Products

  • Opto-Mechanics

  • Thermal & Stress Analysis

  • Manufacturing Process Development

  • Motion Control

  • Electronics & Firmware Development

  • Software Systems

  • Fixture Design

  • Intellectual Property

  • Custom Test Stations

We are your optical problem solver.

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