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REO’s legacy is derived from HeNe Laser manufacturing: Superior HeNe Lasers require the highest quality laser optics. This is what inspired the motivation of our founder, Dr. Robert Knollenberg, to bring optics manufacturing in-house.  Today, REO is the world leader in high performance HeNe laser manufacturing, which is enabled by our unique combination of optics fabrication and expert assembly capabilities.

Now you can buy HeNe lasers Direct from REO! 

REO is the only HeNe laser manufacturer that integrates our proprietary in-house designed and manufactured laser mirrors. REO has for years provided the clear majority of laser mirrors to other well-known HeNe manufacturers.

REO was the first company to successfully develop mirrors for volume green HeNe lasers, with their notoriously low gain. Application of our design and optics manufacturing experience developed a unique Frequency and Intensity Stabilized HeNe Laser product.  This provides an ideal solution for instrumentation and metrology applications which require long coherence length and high amplitude stability.

In addition, REO HeNe Lasers are well suited for:

  • FTIR applications

  • Confocal microscopy

  • Ellipsometry

  • Particle counting

  • Food/Agricultural sorting

As well as other demanding instrumentation applications.

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