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Lens testing equipment

LensCheck™ System

OpTest® System


LensCheck™ and OpTest® Measurement Systems for Small to Large Optics

Optical designers and fabricators understand that lens elements and optical systems are seldom perfect. Despite the presence of the most sophisticated design and manufacturing techniques, lenses can still vary considerably in quality.

Optikos is a leader and pioneer in lens and image testing, and our products and systems are based on over thirty years of experience and innovations in optical engineering design and metrology. Our flagship lens testing products include the OpTest® Lens Measurement System – with a complete range of hardware options, as well as the LensCheck Instrument – a compact version for smaller lenses that is portable and easy-to-use.

Both are powered by OpTest 7 – Optikos® proprietary software. Upgrade paths are available to expand your testing capabilities to include measurements such as transmission and stray light.


There’s More to Measure than MTF

The OpTest test bench performs system tests in situations similar to actual applications. Field angle positions, conjugate ratios, spectral regions, and image plane architecture can all be replicated or simulated in the testing of an optical system. The OpTest measurement system can also provide great testing versatility. Although MTF is a common measurement, other lens measurements are critical to lens performance. The OpTest system provides testing capability for these measurements.

Using advanced OpTest® 7 Software, these measurements include:

    • MTF

    • Through-Focus MTF

    • Depth of Focus

    • Blur Spot Size

    • Astigmatism

    • Effective Focal Length (EFL)

    • Distortion

    • Field Curvature

    • Chief Ray Angle (Principal Ray Angle)

    • Encircled and Ensquared Energy

    • Axial Color

    • Lateral Color

    • Line of Sight (Boresight)*

    • Transmission*

    • Stray Light*

Ask about our new OpTest modules for Finite Conjugate and Afocal testing:

  • Finite Conjugate*

  • Afocal*

*Additional equipment is required.

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