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Measurement services


IQ Lab™ Services

Optikos® testing and image quality services are provided through our optical metrology lab and offer the most comprehensive modulation transfer function (MTF) lens testing and imaging sensor testing, as well as non-imaging measurements and optical element information available–all in one location.

Testing is performed by our expert optical engineers and technicians, and clients are provided with a complete report of results to help you make an informed assessment of your optical system quality and the role it plays in your completed product.

You can’t afford to have your optics underperform

“Post-mortem” reports on failed projects consistently indicate that insufficient testing or a lack of confidence in test data allowed flawed optics to be deployed undetected. Unfortunately, when optical systems fail, there is not typically a straightforward fix “after-the-fact.”

For example, discovering a stray light issue while in production can mean both optical and mechanical design corrections are needed–typically very costly to implement at this late stage.

Whether you’re selling a lens or camera system directly to a client, or designing a product with an optical system, it’s important to define what is acceptable image quality or performance and to have confidence in the supplier who is documenting that performance.

It’s easy to send us your lens and camera systems, from any location worldwide

International express shippers help make it easy and typically assist in completing the correct documentation for straightforward shipment to Optikos and fast return to your facility. Customer Supplied Materials (CSM) tracking of your product within our facility ensures that your product is identifiable, traceable and stored separately.

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