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​​​Camera Testing Equipment​

Production and Comprehensive Camera Testing for any Application

Meridian™ Production Camera Testing: Do More. Do it Better.

Designed for rapid customization, the Meridian product line offers a revolutionary hardware and software approach to production camera testing. It’s a flexible test tool kit that’s compact, cost-effective and easy to incorporate in your production line: the graphical user interface facilitates setup and selection of metrology parameters; and a library of functions easily into your testing software.​

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I-SITE™: The Most Comprehensive Camera Test Suite Available

The I-SITE system is designed to provide measurements at multiple points in the signal processing chain for many types of camera systems. I-SITE can be expanded to accommodate multiple measurements and can be upgraded to incorporate additional modules as the user’s system requirements change. There are many options that may be employed; thus there is no single I-SITE setup. Sources, detectors, and intermediate optics may all be configured to your requirements, and several different analysis options are offered.​

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Camera Testing Equipment